Adventure Island

Adventure Island is a light hearted homage to Point-and-click adventure games. In the sand of Adventure Island you will find the footprints of games such as Myst, Atlantis, Black Mirror, Syberia, Broken Sword, Monkey Island, The Dig, The Journeyman Project, and many more.

Detective Fantasy Full 2D Third person Fully playable with mouse only Indie

Release date: 25 May 2013

Platform: TEXT_Windows Windows

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Adventure Island Adventure Island Adventure Island
Game details
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Developer: Elen Heart
Platform: Windows
Year of release: 2013



Full 2D

Third person

Fully playable with mouse only


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You assist seasoned adventurer, Annie Player, who is called upon to find a team of missing scientists sent to survey a newly discovered island. It quickly becomes apparent to Annie that this is no normal island, but one offering her many challenges. With your help she will navigate the convoluted path to the central mystery of this strange island, and uncover a sinister plot that threatens human existence as we know it!

The game offers a spectrum of puzzles of varying difficulty, set in a variety of exotic locations, and a number of odd characters to interact with. It is largely a third person point-and-click game, with two short sections played in first person mode.
- Light hearted homage to point-and-click adventure games
- Exotic locations
- Odd characters
- Spectrum of puzzles of varying difficulty
- Fully voiced
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Disk Free Space: 700 MB

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