Midvinter is a cozy little point-and-click game, which invites you to explore Swedish folklore using puzzles and riddles as well as compelling music and voice over. In it, you as a player take on the role of gnome - the guardian of the farm - and get to interact with various dark and fantastical creatures.

Fantasy Full 2D Third person Fully playable with mouse only For everyone Indie

Release date: 05 May 2016

Platform: TEXT_Windows Windows

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Midvinter Midvinter Midvinter
Game details
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Developer: Talecore Studios
Platform: Windows
Year of release: 2016


Full 2D

Third person

Fully playable with mouse only

For everyone


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In this cozy little point-and-click fairy-tale, you are a gnome on an abandoned farm. When you realize that humans have come to live there once more, you find yourself useful again - but also that you might have to work harder than ever to keep them safe from the dark creatures that lurk out in the forest. You might even have to call on some of the fair folks for help. Their aid, however, does not come without a price...

The game draws heavily from Swedish folk lore, with art inspired by artists such as John Bauer and Alvaro Tapia. It uses puzzles and riddles to tell its story, and there are several different ends to it. The player will also get to experience unique music and compelling voice over, as well as discover part of Sweden’s history, since the game takes place in the 19th century - a time where over a million people left the country to avoid starvation and build a new life for themselves.
- Monkey Island meets Over the Garden Wall, in a dark forest somewhere in Sweden.
- Several endings
- Full VO in dialogs
- Unique artstyle
OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @2.00GHz (2 CPUs), 2.0GHz
Hard Disk Free Space: 2 GB
Video Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

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