Easter Special!

Zodiac Easter Special!

From Saturday (March 26) until Monday, March 28 you can take advantage of the Easter Special on Zodiac:
hundreds of games at incredible prices, with incredible discounts!

Find out all the offers in our catalogue. And it's not over...

For every order you complete, you'll receive an Easter Egg!

You read it well: for every order you will complete from Saturday March 26th until Monday, March 28th, you'll receive a free Easter Egg!

There are three kinds of egg, depending on the amount of money that you will decide to spend during the promo. Higher the sum you'll spend, better the gifts you'll find in the eggs! When you qualify to receive an egg, you'll see it in the top right corner of the Zodiac software, on your computer.

Look out, the Easter eggs can be opened immediately!

Inside the eggs, you'll find new games as a gift
as well as Zodiac Points for your future purchases!

What are you waiting for? Dive in our Easter offers and fill up with sales, eggs and games!
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